Toddler Incubates, Hatches Seven Deadly Snakes in His Closet

Kyle Cumming hatched 7 eastern brown snakes, the world's second most venomous

3-year-old Kyle Cumming from Townville, Australia, might have taken the idea of lending a helping hand to wildlife in distress a tad too far when he decided to incubate several snake eggs in the closet found in his bedroom.

Apparently, the toddler stumbled upon the eggs while playing in the garden, asked his mom for a container in which to place them, and then shoved them in his wardrobe.

Thanks to the warm and cozy environment they now found themselves in, the eggs hatched and mum Donna Sim had the shock of her life when she opened the door to the closet and found seven eastern brown snakes staring at her.

The woman had no idea what species the eggs belonged to, and this is why she allowed Kyle to keep them, TNT Magazine explains.

Seeing how these brown snakes are considered to be the second most poisonous in the world, it is no wonder that everybody agrees that both Kyle and his family were very lucky, to say the least.

The seven snakes were released in the wild by wildlife rangers.

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