Today in History: Christina Aguilera Is 32

Singer, actress, television personality, mother and role model, XTina has done it all

She got her start in the industry as a potential Britney Spears rival: a cutie blonde pop star who sang innocent songs about love and a genie in a bottle. Throughout the years, Christina Aguilera has transformed herself as an artist and woman more times than we could count.

On December 18, 2012, Christina, or XTina, if you prefer, has turned 32.

This birthday has found her a successful singer, a happy (but divorced) mother, an actress, a television personality and, as of late, a role model for regular-sized women all over the world.

Whether you dislike her or not, there’s no denying that Christina earned the moniker The Voice for a very solid reason: she is one of the most accomplished vocalists of our times and has, as one, delivered some of the most iconic power anthems of recent years.

Above is one of her most recent songs, off the brand new album “Lotus.” It’s not iconic yet but, if you ask me, it stands great chances of becoming one.

Happy Birthday, Christina!

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