Today Show Anchor Mike Leonard Retires – Video

Leonard bows out with incredibly touching tribute of most inspiring subject

It was a very emotional moment on The Today Show when Mike Leonard, veteran anchor, stopped by to say his goodbyes and play a tribute video as he announced his retirement.

The tribute is below: an exquisite and heartfelt homage to the subject he found most inspiring in his 30+-year career, which, not surprisingly at all, came from his own home: his wife.

As Matt Lauer later noticed, Leonard’s stories made audiences laugh and cry for over 3 decades. He will be missed.

“Your stories... are a microcosm of you. They all have incredible heart, they're told with kindness, and hope, and modesty. They are understated and yet so powerful, and that is you in a nutshell,” Lauer told Leonard as Savannah Guthrie wiped away the tears.

“You have an amazing gift, an amazing talent,” she chimed in.

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