Titanfall Season Pass Confirmed, Will Include Three DLC Packs

New maps and other content will be offered to fans

The development team at Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts are confirming the existence of the Season Pass for the upcoming Titanfall, revealing that it will include three downloadable content packs and that it will sell for 24.99 dollars or Euro.

This represents a price cut of 5 dollars or Euro over the amount that gamers will have to pay if they buy each new DLC as it appears.

The two companies are saying that those who have already pre-ordered Titanfall on Origin can upgrade their purchase to include the Season Pass.

They state on the official site that "Please contact EA Help to change your pre-order from Titanfall Standard Edition to Titanfall Digital Deluxe Edition. Representatives will be glad to help you adjust your order to secure your Season Pass content for less."

At the moment, the Season Pass is only offered on the PC and will become available on the Xbox One on March 11 in North America and two days later in Europe, and on the Xbox 360 on March 25 and March 28.

Respawn Entertainment says that the three confirmed content packs for Titanfall will certainly include new maps for the game to use and that more game modes and other tweaks will be announced at a later date.

The studio adds, "Each Titanfall content pack will be available for individual purchase upon their release. You will not be required to purchase the Season Pass."

Previously, Vince Zampella, one of the co-founders of the developer, stated that his company was aiming to offer both free and paid for DLC for Titanfall in order to keep fans of the shooter interested in it in the long term.

Given the launch of the Season Pass, it is somewhat surprising that Respawn Entertainment is not yet willing to offer more information on what it plans to actually include in the DLC deliveries.

It will also be interesting to see what kind of content gamers will get for free via simple updates.

Zampella has suggested that private matches, which the community has been asking for since the shooter was announced, will be offered free of charge to the entire player base.

Respawn continues to state that there are no plans to offer any sort of content for Titanfall using a micro-transaction mechanic.

The shooter is widely seen as the biggest chance for the Xbox One to close down the sales gap that's opening up to the PlayStation 4 from Sony.

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