Tips on How to Prevent a Bloated Belly

Make sure you can show off your toned tummy

Summer is here and the beach season is just around the corner – at least for most of us it is. Since we’ve been working hard all year to get a toned tummy so that we can proudly break out that new swimsuit (at least in theory), FitSugar points out that there is one more thing we must keep in mind before heading to the beach: how to avoid the things that can make us bloated.

Flab can be efficiently eliminated with dieting and exercise, as we have been told by trainers and nutritionists ever since we can remember. Bloating, on the other hand, is an entirely different matter, but that’s not to say that there isn’t anything we can do to prevent it, such as being more careful about what we eat and drink. The first step in this sense would be to steer clear of foods and snacks that contain too much salt since, as most of us already know by now, salt leads to water retention which, in turn, leads to bloating.

Drinking plenty of water is also another way to make sure we look as stunning as possible on the beach this summer. Dehydration can often lead to water retention and bloating, which means that drinking as much water as we need will ensure our tummy stays flat as it’s supposed to be from all that working it out at the gym, FitSugar says. Limiting the intake of gassy foods and drinks is, again, something we should bear in mind if we’re looking to avoid the bloated look this summer. Beans, vegetables, certain fruits, eggs, carbonated drinks, beer and red wine, fried and fatty foods, sugary treats, and milk and other dairy products should all be included on the no-no list or be consumed in limited quantities.

“Eat fiber. Fiber helps everything move through the intestines more quickly, which prevents constipation and bloating. If you’re not accustomed to eating enough fiber, then slowly add more and more fiber to your diet; go too fast, and you’ll feel even more bloated than before. Also make sure to drink plenty of water with all the fiber.” FitSugar recommends.

Last but not least, another thing we can do to prevent bloating is to eat slowly. Chowing down on food like it’s our last meal and doing so without even keeping our mouth closed is the surest way to have a bloated belly in almost no time. To prevent swallowing too much air when we’re eating – since this is what happens in the above mentioned scenario –, we should always remember to chew our food slowly, savoring every last bit of it and not scarfing it down like there’s no tomorrow, health experts also point out.

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