Tiny the Obese Cat Slims Down, Finds a Home

Following her weight loss, the feline is happy and energetic

About a year ago, the staff at an SPCA facility in Fredericton, New Brunswick woke up to find that somebody had left an obese cat at their doorstep.

At that time, Tiny weighed an impressive 13.7 kilograms (30.2 pounds), and SPCA members agreed that they could only put it up for adoption after the feline had lost some of the extra pounds it was carrying around its belly.

Recent news says that, thanks to a special diet and regular exercise, Tiny now weighs 7.5 kilograms (16.5 pounds), and that this past weekend it even found a home.

Thus, it was adopted by Nancy Garon, who says that Tiny is nothing if not a happy and energetic pet.

Despite its moving out of the SPCA facility, this cat is to continue its work as an ambassador for this organization and help raise awareness with respect to people's need to make sure their pets find themselves in good health.

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