Tiny Finger Mouse Called Mycestro Debuts

The small gadget sticks to your index finger and does everything normal mice can

  Mycestro wireless finger mouse
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Another day, another Kickstarter project, though it might not be correct to use that wording since we've already seen the quite amazing 3Doodler 3D Printer Pen.

The project we are now checking out is the Mycestro finger mouse.

Essentially, it is a small electronic gadget that sticks to your index finger like a plaster and has a wireless sensor that links to computers.

One might mistake the Mycestro IPTV Wireless Air Mouse for a wireless earpiece at first glance, it is that small.

Indeed, the item weighs almost nothing and could, in fact, make people much more efficient and comfortable at the same time.

Sure, it is a strange contraption, but there is no denying the benefits of range and ease of use when small thumb presses can do everything that normal mouse clicks can.

Designer Nick Mastandrea wants to raise $100,000 / 74,749 Euro, but he's already acquired over $57,000 / 43,200 Euro and has 38 more days to go.

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