Tiny Core 5.0 Distribution Is Very Tiny and Powerful

This is one of the smallest Linux distributions in existence

Robert Shingledecker has announced the immediate availability for download and testing of the Tiny Core 5.0 Linux operating system.

As the name implies, this distribution is known for its small size and versatility. The developer integrates a large number of packages and an attractive desktop.

After just a few development versions, the final version of this latest branch has been released and it integrates a huge number of changes.

The most interesting feature is the addition of Linux kernel 3.8.10, which is (u)efi boot enabled. This means that users will be able to boot this Linux distribution on UEFI-powered systems that are a little bit tricky to use otherwise.

Highlights of Tiny Core 5.0:

• aterm, freetype, imlib2, jpeg and libpng have been factored out of Xlibs/Xprogs;

• glibc has been updated to 2.17 and it has been recompiled against 3.8.x kernel headers;

• gcc has been updated to 4.7.2, recompiled against 3.8.x kernel headers and cloog, gmp, mpc, mpfr and ppl;

• e2fsprogs base libs/apps has been updated to 1.42.7;

• util-linux base libs/apps has been updated to 2.23.1;

• scm extensions have been dropped;

“Note that due to factoring out and updating libpng, many extensions from the tc-4.x repo will not work with tc-5.0.”

“Note also that due to the update to Xorg-7.7 and libs, users should mark Xlibs, Xprogs, Xvesa, Xfbdev and Xorg-7.6 for deletion, reboot and download the latest versions (Xorg-7.6 is replaced by Xorg-7.7). Again, use the tce section of the forums to report any problems,” stated the developer on the official forum

Users have been encouraged to download and test the new version, not to mention that everyone should report any problems or issues with this Linux distribution.

A complete list of updates and changes can be found in the official announcement. Download Tiny Core Linux 5.0 right now from Softpedia.

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