“Tiny: A Story About Living Small” Documentary Gets Trailer

New short film aims to best describe the relationship between man and the environment

Admittedly, we all dream of one day making enough money to be able to afford a nice house, a nice car and everything else that goes with these. A new documentary proposes we forget about the big house.

As we also noted a couple of years ago, the McMansions trend is a reality today in the US – and everywhere else in the world as well.

“Tiny: A Story About Living Small” proposes a new approach to the concept of housing: live small and you will see how the entire world around you will get bigger because of it.

Not only will you experience a bigger sense of freedom, but you will also spend less and, just as important, have a smaller impact on the environment in all senses possible.

In a context in which lots of emphasis is placed on our world's finite resources, “Tiny” is just the thing to give us a wake-up call.

The documentary will be out in limited release this spring but, if you want to get an idea of the tiny houses phenomenon, check out the trailer above – and then head over here to pre-order a copy of the DVD.

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