TinKode Gets 2-Year Suspended Jail Term, Ordered to Pay $120,000 (€93,000)

The money will go to Oracle, NASA, the US Army and the Pentagon

The famous hacker known as TinKode has been given a two-year suspended prison sentence. The Romanian court that handled the case also ordered him to pay around $120,000 (93,000 EUR) representing the total losses caused to the organizations he breached.

According to court documents, Cernaianu Manole Razvan received three 2-year sentences and three 1-year sentences. However, the sentences have been merged into one 2-year punishment.

Although he will not have to spend any more time in jail, he will have to report back on a monthly basis to victim protection and offender social reintegration services. Furthermore, he must notify authorities in case he wants to change his residence or travel outside of his current residence for more than 8 days.

The court also ordered him to report back in case he decides to change his workplace. He must also justify the change.

As far as the monetary penalties are concerned, authorities seized the amount of 500 EUR and $50 which they believed were earned as a result of his “criminal activities”. They also seized a 1TB hard drive and an Acer laptop.

Cernaianu must also pay approximately $59,000 (45,000 EUR) to Oracle America, $50,000 (39,000 EUR) to NASA, $5,000 (3,900 EUR) to the United States Army and around $7,300 (5,600 EUR) to the Pentagon.

He has also been ordered to pay various amounts representing the money spent by the state during the lawsuit and attorney fees.

TinKode was arrested back in January 2012, being accused of breaching the systems of various organizations, including the European Space Agency, NASA, and the Royal Navy. Initially, authorities claimed that he caused damages of around $250,000 (190,000 EUR).

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