Time Warner Cable Website Hacked for Supporting "Six Strikes" Anti-Piracy Scheme

NullCrew hackers are the ones who breached the company's support site

Hackers of the NullCrew collective have managed to breach the support center website of US telecommunications company Time Warner Cable. 

The hacktivists have added a defacement page to supportcenter.timewarnercable.com: 8888/sdcxuser/. Besides the picture of a gorilla, the defacement page also contains information from the website’s databases, including an administrator username and its associated password.

At the time of writing, around five hours after the breach was announced, the defacement page is still hosted on the Time Warner Cable support site. A mirror of the defacement is available here.

According to the hackers, they’ve targeted Time Warner Cable “due to them attempting to participate in the six strikes.” The “six strikes” refers to the anti-piracy scheme implemented in the United States by some Internet service providers.

The Examiner reports that Time Warner Cable customers caught downloading pirated content will receive a series of alerts. Those who ignore the alerts will have their browsers locked until they call the company for an “instructional conversation” about legal ways to download content.

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