Timbuktu Becomes a Ghost Town After the Departure of the Rebels

The historic town is left without electricity or water service

As Islamist rebels leave Timbuktu, in Southern Mali, the few residents that remain are left with nothing but a ghost town.

The town was occupied by Islamist rebels in April 2012, and has been freed a few days ago by French troops. The first residents to leave the town as rebels occupied it were Tuaregs. The Arabs, the Songhais and the town's black inhabitants all followed in fleeing.

On Sunday, France bombed the neighboring city of Maghreb, the alleged location of an Al-Qaeda military base. The weekend raids have prompted the Islamists' departure. According to the Inquisitr, they are regrouping near Kidal.

Locals struggle without basic conditions for sustenance, for days now. They are left without water or electricity, and many relics in this world heritage site have been blown to pieces.

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