Tim Cook Drops Hints on Why Scott Forstall Got Fired from Apple Bloomberg

Apple’s CEO shares an important bit of Apple's culture

In an interview with Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Apple CEO Tim Cook dropped hints regarding his executive shakeup last month, which included the firing of iOS chief Scott Forstall.

A highly political figure within Apple, Forstall was said to be one of the least collaborative individuals within the company.

Cook told reporters, “You have to be an A-plus at collaboration. And so the changes that we made get us to a whole new level of collaboration,” perhaps hinting at Forstall’s refusal to sign Apple’s Maps apology letter.

Referring to Eddy Cue who now handles Internet Services at Apple, the CEO said, “We’ve got services all in one place, and the guy that’s running that has incredible skills in services, has an incredible track record, and I’m confident will do fantastic things.”

Again, the description seems to be in direct contrast with Forstall’s reported nature. And even more so when Cook ousts, “I despise politics. There is no room for it in a company.”

“My life is going to be way too short to deal with that. No bureaucracy. We want this fast-moving, agile company where there are no politics, no agendas,” he told interviewers.

Cook clarified that his company was not going “from no collaboration to collaboration.”

The CEO justified the hard decision of regrouping his troops last month saying, “We have an enormous level of collaboration in Apple, but it’s a matter of taking it to another level.”

As a result of the reported shakeup, Jonathan Ive, Bob Mansfield, Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi have added more responsibilities to their roles.

Ive is now the Human Interface chief across the company, Cue handles Siri and Maps in one group overseeing online services, Federighi leads iOS and OS X, and Mansfield has a new department called Technologies.

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