Tiger Powered Fuduntu 2013.1 Distro Has Netflix and Steam Beta

The developers also chose to implement the Enlightenment 17 desktop environment

Fuduntu 2013.1, a lighthearted and fun Linux distribution that fits somewhere in-between Fedora and Ubuntu and designed to be aesthetically pleasing, is now available for download.

Users who already have the previous Fuduntu version installed, can rest assured as they can easily upgrade to the 2013.1 version with a normal update process.

According to the developer, the first thing a user will notice is Jockey, a program that checks hardware and presents the user with the proprietary driver(s) needed.

Also, a new dock has been implemented as AWN is no longer being maintained upstream and there are several bugs that have been left open. This forced the developers to switch to Cairo and it's now provided by default.

As pointed out by a reader, only the new installations are provided with Cairo, the existing users will be able to use the old environment.

The distribution also comes with Netflix support (using the development tree of WINE), Steam for Linux Beta, Enlightenment 17 desktop environment, WINE 1.5.18, QEMU 1.0.1, and nVidia Optimus support.

Highlights of Fuduntu 2013.1:

• Linux Kernel has been updated to version 3.6.9;

• Gimp was updated to version 2.8.2;

• Thunderbird was updated to version 17.0;

• Firefox was updated to version 17.0;

• Chromium was updated to version 23.0.1271.97;

• VLC has been updated to version 2.0.5;

• Xorg was updated to version 1.12.

“The Fuduntu Team has been working hard as they continue to do what they can to make the desktop experience better for the community. As stated above, the team did survive December 21. Turns out, there are not ancient Mayans working for the team.

“Some of us still stand by the idea that December 21 should have been a holiday, but fewt disagreed. We hope that December 21 was uneventful for you all, too,” the developers stated in the announcement.

If you want more details about this new distribution, you should check out the official website.

Download Fuduntu 2013.1 right now from Softpedia.

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