“Tiger Nanny” Eats, Plays, Sleeps with 4-Year-Old Bengal Tiger

The big cat is hardly aware of its friend's fragility, sometimes injures him

A 31-year-old man from Malang, Indonesia is locally known as the “tiger nanny.”

Apparently, this is because Abdullah Sholeh is best friends with a 4-year-old Bengal tiger, and spends most of his time eating, playing and sleeping with it.

Abdullah first started looking after this cub when the latter was only 3 months old, so it need not come as a surprise that they now share a very special bond.

The “tiger nanny's” relationship with this tiger named Mulan is so special that Abdullah does not really mind that, more often than not, the big cat ends up injuring him, Huffington Post explains.

Truth be told, nobody can blame Mulan for his being so strong, and Adbullah is quite lucky that this big cat did not cause him any serious wounds thus far.

“I never feel scared. I consider her my everyday friend,” Abdullah told members of the press.

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