Tiger Killer Gets $18,500 Fine, 14 Months of Disciplinary Labor

This Russian man also had his firearm confiscated by authorities

Not very long ago, a Russian man saw fit to kill an endangered Amur tiger and later on lied about it in court, saying that he acted in self-defense.

However, forensic evidence proved otherwise: the tiger was not standing anywhere near this man, and even tried to escape when the first gun shot was fired.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) says that this man is now to pay a $18,500 (about €14,530) fine for having purposely killed this endangered big cat, and that he will also have to perform 14 months of disciplinary labor.

Moreover, he will no longer be allowed to hunt and his firearm was confiscated by authorities.

According to the conservationists in charge of looking after the Amur tiger population in Russia, the animal killed by this hunter was quite peaceful and never caused any trouble.

“We have met this male when doing annual winter tiger monitoring. It was never regarded as a conflict tiger,” Pavel Fomenko from WWF-Russia said.

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