Thunderbolt HDD Cases Is What ORICO Is Making

Enclosures can hold either one or more 3.5-inch SATA drives

Intel's Thunderbolt technology may not have gotten that much attention yet, but Chinese company ORICO decided to make some enclosures that could use it anyway.

That's drive enclosures, not desktop cases meant to house entire systems.

According to the Internet (this small part of it anyway), four SATA drive enclosures of this type are in the works.

ORICO made them in such ways that they will be able to house one, two, four or even five drives, the larger ones having two Thunderbolt ports instead of one, to daisy-chain them with other devices and displays.

Aluminum is what they are made of and power is drawn from external power supplies.

Nothing was said on when shipments might start or about how much money they will cost. At least ORICO released some CGI sketches.

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