Thunderbird 16 Adds Box Support, 25 GB of Free Cloud Storage and Silent Updates

Mozilla is not focusing on Thunderbird as much as it did

Despite Mozilla stepping away from Thunderbird, the email client will continue to see constant updates and improvements for the foreseeable future. Along with Firefox 16, Mozilla releases Thunderbird 16 to the stable channel as well.

There's not much to say about it, Thunderbird 16 comes with a new cloud storage, but it's a big addition, Box. Not only will users be able to share files via Box with Thunderbird, they'll also get 25 GB of storage for free.

"We are pleased to announce that now joins YouSendIt and UbuntuOne in the list of tightly integrated online storage service partners," Mozilla wrote.

"With Thunderbird Filelink, sending large files is no longer a pain. Simply select the file you want to attach and tell Thunderbird you want to link it: as soon as the file is uploaded to, you are ready to send this big file that would never have made it through," it added.

One of Thunderbird's big new features of late is the ability to send large files, by partnering with online storage and cloud storage providers.

25 GB is quite a lot more than any other cloud storage provider offers for free. Box is known for big promotions like this, though, it offered 50 GB for Android users at one point. The only restriction is that free users have to agree to non-commercial usage.

"To make the update experience even smoother, Thunderbird now supports silent background update. As soon as an update becomes available, Thunderbird downloads it and apply updates in the background," Mozilla also explained.

Thunderbird 16 also comes with silent, background updates, for the operating systems that need it of course, Windows users will no longer be nagged by update dialogs and have to interrupt their work to get the latest version of the email client.

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