Three Poachers Killed in South Africa by Wildlife Rangers

One more suspect was seriously injured, still managed to make a getaway

Recent news from South Africa says that three rhino poachers were killed during a run-in with local wildlife rangers.

For the time being, there is an odd chance that these men were not poachers, yet their being well armed and wearing camouflage fatigues led the employees of the Kruger National Park to the conclusion that their intentions when entering said animal sanctuary were not in the least honorable.

More so given the fact that a rhino horn was found amidst these three people's belongings.

Thus, a spokesperson for the South African National Parks made a case of how, “All indications were that the poaching group ... were well trained, well armed and were attired in battle camouflage fatigues.”

Furthermore, “The sheer number, equipment and tactics presented by the poaching group indicated their aggressive intent.”

The three supposed rhino poachers were shot dead by wildlife rangers who engaged in a full-scale fire fight with them.

Apparently, one other poacher was critically injured during this fight, yet somehow managed to make a getaway and succeeded in crossing the border to Mozambique.

Presently, employees of the South African National Parks are asking that the aforementioned country do its best to find him and turn him over to the authorities, Sky News reports.

This incident occurred on Saturday night, when two wildlife rangers who were merely patrolling the Kruger National Park found themselves attacked by this group of people who did not hesitate to shoot at them.

As reported on numerous occasions, the rhinos inhabiting these protected regions are killed by poachers for the sole purpose of obtaining their horns, which are later on sold on the black market.

More often than not, the rhino horns are illegally marketed in Asia, particularly in Vietnam.

By the looks of it, a total of 82 rhinos were killed in South Africa by poachers since the beginning of 2013 until today.

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