Three New App Status Indicators Added to iTunes Connect

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Apple is informing iPhone developers that three new app status indicators have been added to iTunes Connect, the suite of web-based tools that allows programmers to submit and manage their applications for distribution on the iTunes App Store.

“We've added three new status indicators to iTunes Connect which give you a more precise indication of the state of your app when you are submitting your binary for approval,” Apple states. The Mac maker then proceeds to outline what each indicator does, as reproduced below.

"Prepare for Upload indicates that you have created a new version, but you have not yet clicked the Ready to Submit Binary button, which indicates that you are ready to deliver a binary through Application Loader. This state's status color is yellow.

Pending Developer Release indicates that the version of your app has been approved by App Review and you have turned on the Version Release Control, but have not yet clicked Send Version Live. This state's status color is yellow. You should also see a pending action symbol on the version. Your version will remain in this state, and thus will not be live on the App Store until you click Send Version Live.

Processing for App Store indicates that the version is being processed to go live on the App Store. Once the processing is complete, the version state will change to "Ready for Sale." This state is very temporary (1-2 hours). This state's status color is yellow."

In related news, Apple also recently informed iOS devs that removing apps via iTunes Connect can now be done using the App Delete button. “You can now remove any unwanted applications from your view in iTunes Connect using App Delete,” the company said. According to Apple, “There are important factors to consider when using App Delete — for example, if you want to re-use your SKU or App Name.” Therefore, Apple urges coders to read through the App Delete section of the iTunes Connect Developer Guide.

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