Three New Amplifiers From Raysonic: SE20MKII, the SP100MkIIand SP120MkII

All-tube performance, audiophiles only.

Even if Raysonic has been incorporated only in the year 2000, we can already speak about a name with a spectacular evolution in the field of high-end/audiophile equipment.[admark=1]

Raysonic have become widely accepted after the great success of their CD-128 player, running with a CNC machined aluminum chassis sporting an intriguing look and loaded with exceptional, incredible-quality award-winning technology. After the fantastic reviews for the CD-128, Raysonic have not lost momentum (as many usually do), but have been quite busy, even if no noticeable news were heard for a long period of time.

Today, have announced that Raysonic published pictures of their new line of amplifiers; of course I went to the Raysonic website to see that the info was perfectly true. Not one, but three amplifier models have been revamped and have made it to the MkII stage.

We're speaking not only about the second generation of all-tube amplifiers dedicated to the most demanding and discerning of the audiophile listeners, but also about a serious makeover: the rounded corner design. It seems like the widely-acclaimed CD-128 player, which introduced the chassis with the rounded corners has set a landmark as far as the looks of future Raysonic gear is concerned; this is how it came to be that all three MkII models now share the same generic look on their bodies...which is great.

There haven't been released any details on specs or pricing, but as far as the official pictures let us see, the SE20MKII, the SP100MkII and SP120MkII will be an instant success, especially among those already acquainted to the Raysonic performance. Ah, and one more thing: Raysonic have their factories in China: a great proof that high-end, most serious audiophile gear can be produced there, as well.

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