Three ISS Astronauts Are Holding a Google+ Hangout, You Can Join

If you've got an interesting question, you may be able to ask them live

ISS astronaut has just finished a video chat with Star Trek's William Shatner, but that doesn't sound like something us mere mortals would be able to do anytime soon.

But it turns out, NASA is putting together just such a thing, hosting a Google+ Hangout with a few lucky people and three astronauts aboard the ISS.

The conversation will take place a couple of weeks from now, on February 22, and anyone will be able to watch it on Google+ or YouTube.

A few lucky people will also be able to join it. If you think you have an interesting question or two, you can put together a YouTube video with the question, tag it with #askAstro, and you may be picked.

The aforementioned Chris Hadfield, who's probably the best-known face of Expedition 34, alongside astronauts Kevin Ford and Tom Marshburn, all aboard the ISS.

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