Three Bodies Found on Farm in Kansas, Missing Woman May Be Among Victims

Police are searching for a man convicted of a shooting in 2005 as a person of interest

Police have uncovered three bodies on a rural section of land in Franklin County, Kansas, near Ottawa.

Locals uncovered one of the bodies, and authorities combing the scene have come across the remains of two other people.

“We have found a third body. [...] We have found two adult males and one adult female,” Franklin County Sheriff Jeff Richards tells the Ottawa Herald.

Richards has announced finding the remains of three people but is not disclosing how they died, while an investigation is ongoing to pinpoint the identities of the victims.

“We are working to identify the victims, and until we have completed that process and notified their next of kin, we will not be releasing any names,” Richards notes.

The case has been classified as a triple homicide, prompting an intervention by a cross-agency, 40-agent major case squad.

“We have three homicides on one very large scene. [...] It’s a country acreage, it’s very large — not just a city lot,” the Sheriff adds.

One of the victims may have been dating one of the men living on the piece of land where the bodies were recovered. Kaylie Bailey and her child have been missing since May 1.

She was reported missing on May 3, after being a no-show at work at the American Eagle Outfitters Distribution Center in Ottawa, where she was detached by employer First Response Security.

Neighbors have described that she intended to leave her 1 1/2-year-old daughter Lana with her boyfriend, Andrew Stout, while she was working on May 1.

The child has also been declared missing on May 3, but the infants' remains have not been recovered at the scene. Andrew Stout and housemate Steve White both disappeared on April 25.

“We are not even sure that the woman and her child arrived at the Franklin County address,” Richards says.

Police are now looking for the third man living on the property, 27-year-old Kyle T. Flack. Flack has priors, having been convicted in a shooting in Ottawa in 2005.

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