Three ASUS ZenBooks with SSD Plus HDD Coming in June

The initial shipments will contain up to 100,000 units

Famous motherboard manufacturer, Taiwanese company ASUS, who is also well known for its mobile computers, is now reportedly preparing to launch three ZenBooks next month.

We already talked about ASUS’ new UltraBook projects and we published the first pictures here. The ones is question were the UX31 and UX21 models.

The former comes with a 13.3-inch S-IPS high-quality screen that sports FullHD, while the latter features a smaller 11” S-IPS panel that offers the same superior image quality as the other IPS panels, with the improvement of fast pixel refresh time.

The resolution on the 11” model is also FullHD, and it will be interesting to see how users will be able to deal with Windows’ low quality DPI scaling, especially when reading text.

The third ASUS ZenBook launching this June is ASUS’ UX32VD model with the same high-quality FullHD screen using a 13” IPS display panel that we reported on here.

To power that high-resolution display, ASUS decided to include Nvidia’s Fermi-based 40 nm graphics processing unit (GPU), called GT 620.

This part is based on Nvidia’s Fermi GF116 GPU that comes with just 48 CUDA cores, 8 TMUs and 4 ROPs. The GPU has an 810 MHz frequency, but considering this is a mobile chip, the frequency might be lower than on the desktop part.

Just like all Fermi GPUs, the GT620 has a share frequency of 1620 MHz, double the frequency of the rest of the GPU.

The effective memory clock can be up to 3592 MHz, but again, this is a laptop part, so the rated frequency might be lower.

We don’t know yet what the memory configuration will be, whether 512 or 1024 MB on a tight 64 Bit BUS.

We reported about the likelihood of hybrid HDDs coming with ASUS’ new ZenBooks, but it seems that the manufacturer is actually using mSATA SSDs next to the usual HDDs to get better performance.

We also documented the price of ASUS’ UX32VD UltraBook here, but now sources close to Digitimes are reporting prices over 1,000 US dollars.

What we can most definitely tell you is that the latest batch of benchmarks we saw show the UX32VD powered by Nvidia’s GeForce GT620 performing much slower than AMD’s A10-4600M Trinity in most – if not all – games.

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