ThreatMetrix Enhances Its Cybercrime Defender Platform to Include Behavioral Analysis

The company has introduced ThreatMetrix Persona ID Rules

Integrated cybercrime prevention solutions provider ThreatMetrix has announced the introduction of behavioral analysis in its Cybercrime Defender Platform via a component called ThreatMetrix Persona ID Rules.

Persona ID Rules is capable of identifying abnormal behavior in real time by doing a comparison between current and historical attributes. Information such as email addresses, transactions, accounts, IP addresses, devices, proxies, geo-location and physical addresses are taken into consideration to make the determinations as precise as possible.

Persona ID Rules enables customers to assess the risks associated with a device or a person engaged in online transactions, and identifies legitimate customers based on the reputation of the device and the identity.

It can also examine transactions to determine if they’ve been flagged as high-risk in the past, if a device used by multiple users in different time zones is suspicious, and provide a comprehensive view of a visitor’s identity based on the history of transactions.

“Cybercriminals and cyber-terrorists are exploiting the fact that many of today’s traditional authentication and verification systems rely largely on breached personal data, which is easily discoverable or self-disclosed on popular social networks,” said Alisdair Faulkner, chief products officer, ThreatMetrix.

“We circumvent these attacks through the ThreatMetrix™ Global Threat Intelligence Network that is a repository of devices, anonymized identities, transactions and interactions,” Faulkner added.

“We enable our customers to query this repository in real-time to determine whether a transaction is a legitimate customer or actually a cybercriminal hiding behind a spoofed or stolen alias. ThreatMetrix Persona ID Rules helps create a user profile through link analysis of the user’s devices in conjunction with all their related entities and activity over time.”

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