Thousands of Wolf Attacks Force Russia to Enter a State of Emergency

Authorities are readying helicopters and ammo, wish to kill about 3,000 of these animals

Recent news from Russia informs us that the country's Sakha Republic (a.k.a. the Yakutia Republic) has now entered a state of emergency after people living in these Siberian regions witnessed thousands of wolf attacks on livestock over the course of just a few months.

More precisely, information leaked to the general public says that as many as 16,111 reindeer and 314 horses raised by people both in marginal and in central parts of the Sakha Republic have been killed by these predators, and that this impacted heavily on local breeders' income.

Estimates carried out thus far indicate that the financial losses caused by these wolf attacks amount to a whopping $5 million (€3.825 million), Siberian Times reports.

Because of this, it has been agreed upon that not much else can be done except kill as many of these animals as possible, and make sure that their remaining population no longer poses a threat to local breeders.

Wildlife researchers say that, for the time being, the Yakutia Republic is inhabited by roughly 3,500 wolves. However, the natural ecosystems and the expansion of human society in this Russian territory can only accommodate for about 500 such predators.

Therefore, as many as 3,000 wolves will have to be killed throughout the course of the following weeks both by professional hunters and by regular folks who possess the skills needed in order to take part in this hunt.

According to the same source, Yegor Borisov, presently the head of this republic, made it public news that January 15 would mark the debut of a three-month wolf hunt.

As Yegor Borisov pointed out, “People are worried like never before about massive wolves attacks on domesticated animals in areas of the republic, including central ones.”

To make sure the hunt is a successful one, authorities are readying helicopters and ammo. Furthermore, they’ve promised to pay people a fixed sum of money for each wolf they manage to kill.

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