Thousands of Spinner Sharks Spotted Off Florida Coast, in Palm Beach Area

Officials report sightings from Boca Raton to Jupiter

Thousands of migrating spinner sharks have been sighted off the South Florida coastline, prompting beach closedowns in the Palm Beach area.

Marine biologists have confirmed that the footage shot by Chopper 5 and posted above reveals the presence of sharks, making the area unsafe for swimmers.

You can see the large number of sharks spinning and jumping. Wikipedia informs that spinner sharks perform leaps while trying to feed and chasing their prey. With the passing of winter, they are now headed north.

As sightings have been registered from Boca Raton to Jupiter, alerts about the dangers of swimming or surfing in the area have been put out. Red flags are up in Midtown Beach, where nobody is allowed in the water, WPTV writes.

According to some theories, wearing jewelry, especially silver while swimming can attract sharks, as do yellow and gold colors.

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