Thousands of Escaped Nile Crocodiles Are to Remain in the Wild

Authorities ban farmers from recapturing them because the latter cannot prove ownership

In late January, about 15000 Nile crocodiles managed to escape from a farm in Central Africa and made their way into the Limpopo river.

Recent news on this topic says that local authorities have now decided to ban the people who raised them from recapturing them.

This is because there is no way of telling which of these crocodiles came from the farm, and which were born and raised in the wild, sources report.

As crocodile farm owner Zane Langman explained, “They told us we weren't allowed to capture crocodiles from the Limpopo river before we're given permission, because we can't prove ownership of the animals.”

Apparently, the farmers have also been blamed for wanting to resort to inhumane methods in order to recapture the animals.

Thus, rumor has it that they plan on using stun guns to immobilize the animals and make them easier to catch.

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