Thomas Beatie Divorce Gets Nasty, Wife Is Living in the Streets

Pregnant man and estranged wife come to blows in the press as custody battle heats up

Thomas Beatie, the transgender who will forever be known as “the pregnant man,” and his wife Nancy Beatie are getting a divorce, but it’s anything but amicable. Nancy is now telling the press she’s basically living in the streets.

Nancy was married to Thomas for 9 years and they have 3 children together. He recently filed for divorce claiming she was a raging alcoholic who would often abuse him physically and emotionally.

Not that Nancy has had it easy since she was kicked out of the house they shared until 2 months ago, she tells TMZ.

With a judge issuing a restraining order a few days ago, barring her from coming into contact with Thomas and the kids, except during supervised visits, Nancy is homeless – and flat broke.

“The Pregnant Man's estranged wife Nancy Beatie says her life has been HELL since getting kicked out of her house 2 months ago, telling TMZ she's been forced to live like a vagabond – selling scrap gold and sleeping in her car,” the celebrity e-zine writes.

Nancy says she doesn’t have the money to afford a hotel, not even a cheap one. She’s turned to friends for help and has managed to spend a few nights in their homes.

“I'm house sitting right now, cleaning it for another two days... but I don't know where I'll go after that,” she says for TMZ.

“I have some junk gold that I grabbed when I had to leave... broken rings and bracelets not worth much but it's a start,” Nancy adds.

She might not have money but she’s determined to challenge the current custody arrangement, which only allows her to spend time with the kids for a meager 6 hours a week, saying “When I have to leave them, I have to hold back tears.”

As we also noted the other day, Thomas painted a very unflattering picture of his wife in court papers, saying she’d often abuse him emotionally and physically, even waking him up in the dead of night punching him without reason.

He also claimed that, at least on one occasion, she tried to get behind the wheel drunk with the kids, which was the main reason why the judge granted full custody to him for the time being.

Thomas was born a woman and, just recently, completed the gender reassignment treatment. He was able to carry 3 pregnancies to term after he decided to keep the reproductive organs, even though he was legally a man already.

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