This USB Cable Lets Smartphones Screens Be Controlled via PCs

No longer is remote assistance possible only from PC to PC

The IT market is home to many USB cables and adapters with various roles, but Evergreen has still managed to invent one that can do something not previously possible, and it involves PCs and smartphones.

To make it short, Evergreen has created a USB cable that enables something akin to remote assistance for smartphones on PCs.

For those unfamiliar with remote assistance, it is a method by which the desktop of a network-connected PC can be accessed over LAN, from another system.

It can come in handy for servers or other computers that don't have their own monitors, or for infrastructure administrators that can't afford to move between computers to solve their software issues, especially when it would imply going from building floor to floor.

Sync programs for the PC and access apps like AirDroi already allow smartphones to be accessed by PCs.

None of them actually involve an active interface that actually puts the “screen” of the smartphone on the PC's display.

Evergreen has finally invented a means by which this type of smartphone remote assistance can be achieved.

Called DN-84254, it is a simple micro-USB cable that, when using the software shipped with it, transmits smartphone screen information via device mirroring.

The PC and mouse can be used to navigate around the virtual screen inside the program, just as though one would use the phone by touching the screen.

Screen activity can be recorded, the PC's keyboard can be used to make game reviews, or more easily send text and e-mail messages (useful when at home and the phone can be left permanently linked to the PC in this fashion) and, of course, control the phone as if it were an Android emulator.

The software of the Evergreen DN-84254 micro-USB cable can be installed on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 operating systems. Phones need to be running Android 2.3/4.0 or higher in order to be recognized. Sales are underway in Japan, for 3,999 Yen / $44 / 32 Euro.


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