This TV Is Made from 625 Remote Controls, Which Act as Pixels – Video

Artist Chris Shen linked the remote controls to produce infrared images

As far as bizarre projects go, Artist Chris Shen is probably a runner-up for the Monthly Top 5, if not a clear winner.

The man has revealed his latest contraption, which he describes as an Infrared TV, even though it is anything but.

The only thing the “TV” shares with actual TVs is the rectangular shape, and the fact that it uses remote controls.

That the remote controls actually make up the screen is where things start to radically diverge.

Chris Shen basically made it so that the infrared bulbs of the remote controls product the image. There are 625 remotes in total.

Infrared goggles will be needed to see whatever videos the INFRA “TV” is playing. As people must have surmised by now, the video embedded above is a recording of the “screen” in action.

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