This Sony PlayStation Controller Is Made of Glass

The only sad thing about it is that it isn't actually functional

Having a PlayStation controller made entirely of glass, save for the circuitry obviously, would be neat in any event, so it is with some sadness that we report on the existence of the 5-year service award received by Sony Computer Entertainment America PR man Jeff Rubenstein.

Rubenstein recently left the company, but not without a reward, which was precisely the glass-wrought gamepad in the photo above.

We say we report on its existence with sadness because it is only a model, not an actual controller.

In other words, it is just a pretty bauble, albeit a very large one. A trophy, in other words.

Jeff Rubenstein lasted uncannily long in his position as PR head, so the glass sculpture is a long service award of sorts.

Sadly, Sony isn't about to start making PlayStation controllers with glass instead of plastic, not even as collector's items.

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