This Showerhead Is Really a Bluetooth Speaker

Just to show how far waterproofing can go when people think about it hard enough

There are many sorts of “hybrid” devices out there, but they are mostly mixtures of two or more other devices, not a gadget and a piece of plumbing.

Nevertheless, plumbing is precisely what half of Kohler's latest product qualifies as.

Long story short, the item, called Moxie, is a showerhead that also plays the part of a Bluetooth wireless speaker.

Obviously, it is meant to play people's favorite songs while they are in the shower.

Electric wiring would still be too dangerous to implement in such an environment. That is why Kohler figured it would take the idea of Bluetooth speaker all the way and include a battery in the design.

Buyers will have to grab the speaker and connect it via USB to a PC or something.

The battery life is of 7 hours and the fixture to the shower unit is done through magnets.

Too bad the Moxie costs $200 / 156-200 Euro.

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