Neat iPhone Flip-Out Selfie Cam Is Close to Getting Funded on Kickstarter – Gallery / Video

If you find it difficult to take selfies or videos, the CaseCam can help a lot

This is one of those Kickstarter projects that might be crazy enough to get funded. CaseCam is also very cheap so users have already funded the project.
Imagine this scenario: you want to take a picture of yourself or a group photo and there's no way to prop your iPhone. Sure, there are tripods or you can use a rock or your wallet, but it gets annoying and your iPhone still doesn't have the stability you need to get a perfect shot. 
CaseCam found the most simple way to solve the problem. It is an iPhone case that has an adjustable flip-out mirror kickstand. You just take it out, set it on a flat surface and take a group photo or video. When you done, just fold it back into the case and you'll never feel it is there. 
The developer has an iPhone app in the works that will make this case even more useful. It is a remote viewer for your iPhone. Just install it on another phone and see the shot before you take it so you can adjust your position from afar. The app also lets you set a timer so you have enough room to press the shutter and go get in the picture with your friends. 
The best thing about it is that CaseCam is an actual elegant, slim case that protects your iPhone at the same time. It has been developed from impact-resistant injection-molded polycarbonate. The mirror is made of optical quality Soda Lime glass and that supposedly guarantees that your pictures will not be distorted and there is no loss in image quality. When it is not in use, the mirror faces you phone so there's no way to scratch it when you have the phone in your pocket or purse. 
CaseCam will come in different colors and you can still vote your favorite one on Kickstarter. 
There are only 11 days to go for this project and it has been over 70 percent funded. To get your own, you need to pledge at least $25 (€18.66) for a CaseCam. It is compatible with iPhone 5 and 5s and the suggested retail price will be $40 (€29.86). If you need more, you can just order a four-pack for $100 (€74.66) and be aware that you need to pay an extra $25 (€18.66) to have it shipped outside US. CaseCam is expected to come out in December of 2014.

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