This Mouse Looks like Iron Man's Head

E-blue celebrates the impending launch of the movie

There are all sorts of mice on the market, but some of them really stand apart from the rest, through their shapes, their performance, their ability to store macros and shortcuts or, in this case, their depiction of famous people or fictional characters.

The fictional character we are looking at, or whose head we are looking at at least, is Iron Man, Tony Stark's alter ego.

People who have even a fleeting knowledge of Marvel Comics' multiverse, or ever saw an episode of a TV series, will know who we are talking about.

It isn't a comic book or cartoon character that we are speaking of here though. Rather, the mouse looks like the helmet of the Iron Man from the films.

Since Iron Man 3 is due on May 3, 2013, it is no small wonder that, in addition to trailers, trademarked merchandise is making is way to stores.

One of the companies that bought a license from Marvel to use the likeness of the armored superhero is Japanese outfit e-blue.

Its product is a mouse that, sadly, has no special perks other than the theme. No special buttons, no elaborate weight system, no sophisticated software, etc.

The only unusual asset, if it can still be called that in these times, is support for wireless connectivity. Two AA batteries power it.

For those seeking further specifics, the e-blue Iron Man mouse has an optical sensor with a resolution of 1,000 dpi, plus LED lights for the eyes.

The product will sell in Japan for what amounts to $110 / €84 – 110, and we suspect it will reach other countries as well, though it also might not. We will have to wait and see if retailers from the rest of Asia, Europe or the US pick it up in a timely fashion.

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