This Is the iPhone 6 – Drawings Based on Leaked Schematics Show iPod touch-like Design

Artist creates renderings of the upcoming smartphone based on leaked schematics

Based on a set of purported iPhone 6 schematics, designer Ferry Passchier has created “full-product renderings” of the handset, which rumor has it will ship in two different screen sizes, one as large as 5.5 inches on the diagonal.

Commissioned by MacRumors following widespread coverage of the aforementioned leak (which remains to be confirmed as accurate), the renderings aim to show how the real product will look. One image (below) shows the purported handsets next to Apple’s existing iPhone 5s and the iPad mini, to give viewers some perspective.

The mockups arrive after court documents from the Apple/Samsung patent trial made their way into public domain, showing the company’s intentions to adopt larger displays in future generations of iPhones. One of the leaked documents shows Apple’s admittance that customers have been craving larger screens for years.

So whether or not these renderings do Apple any justice, design-wise, it appears that the larger screens will materialize in the next generation of iPhones one way or another.

iPhone 6 mockups
iPhone 6 mockups

Designer Ferry Passchier concluded from the drawings handed to him for inspiration that Apple is planning to redesign the iPhone 6 to look a lot like the existing iPod touch line of media players. The new phone will be just as thin as the iPod, but with a finer tapering around the edges. The corners appear to be wider and rounder too.

Passchier also included the rumored ring around the phone’s iSight camera, in accordance with an Apple patent application that proposes a bayonet mount for interchangeable lenses. The Touch ID Home button is included with the mockups, and a Healthbook icon can be seen on the Home screen of both renderings.

Healthbook has been confirmed as a new app inside iOS 8 that will take advantage of various sensors to give users readings about their blood pressure and glucose levels, hydration, respiratory rate, sleep patterns, and more. Some of these readings are said to occur on the phone, while others will require specialized hardware, such as the rumored iWatch.

The Worldwide Developers Conference held June 2 - 6 will yield more information about iOS 8, but Apple might want to keep the iPhone 6 under tight wraps until later in fall, if recent years are any indication. However, many are keeping their fingers crossed for the iPhone 6 announcement to occur at WWDC.

Tim Cook has been scrutinized for waiting far too long to deploy his first all-new product, but all this speculation might end this year with the release of these major launches.


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