This Is the Kind of House You Can Buy with Microsoft’s Money

Yammer CEO spends $34.5 million on a house in San Francisco

By on December 21st, 2012 20:01 GMT

You’ve probably heard that Microsoft has purchased the Yammer business social network for $1.2 billion (€900 million) earlier this year, so the chief executives working for the San Francisco-based company had lots of cash to spend this Christmas.

David Sacks, Yammer’s CEO, has decided to buy the most expensive house ever sold in San Francisco, agreeing to pay no more, no less than $34.5 million (€26.1 million) for the 17,500 square feet of living space.

That does sound impressive, but Sacks will have to spend some extra bucks to finish the interior because yes, the house isn’t ready yet, according to real estate company Trulia.

The company claims that Sacks has actually received a once-in-a-lifetime offer because the house was initially listed for sale at a price of $65 million (€49 million).

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David Sacks' house (5 Images)

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