This Air Conditioner Takes Care of Mosquitoes Too

The device projects an air of cool in more ways than one

As useful as air conditioners are, they are still, in the end, fairly bland home appliances, and LG is none too satisfied with this, having created a model called the “Anti-Mosquito” air conditioner.

Normally, air conditioners only make sure that the air inside a room stays at whatever temperature dwellers choose.

LG's new model does more though, as should be obvious from the name we have mentioned above.

One might argue that it is strange for LG to launch something of the sort now, during winter, when there are few, if any, mosquitoes worth fussing over.

Of course, the argument immediately crashes and burns when one realizes that there is no winter between the tropics, especially around the equator.

As it turns out, LG specifically thought of countries like Nigeria when it built its new air conditioner. There, mosquitoes are a serious problem, not just an annoyance, as they can transmit malaria in addition to causing itchy, swelling bites.

The “Anti-Mosquito” does not kill the insects, but it does produce an ultrasonic wave that they cannot stand. Thus, the things will stay out of homes that have them installed.

As a bonus, the LG air conditioner can shrug off electricity fluctuations. Electricity isn't exactly as abundant in some areas as it is in the US, Europe, Russia, etc. And where it is available, the flow might not be constant, enough to make even normal light bulbs pulse in intensity, and consumer electronics fail to work properly or at all, until they fail altogether.

Nevertheless, the solution isn't perfect. LG rates its effectiveness at 64% as far as malaria carriers go. Perhaps future models will do better, although it is unclear if LG can afford to increase the intensity of the ultrasonic waves.

After all, creatures other than mosquitoes might be sensitive to the frequency and would suffer undeserved discomfort, maybe even pain, if they draw close enough.

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