Thinspiration Website Puts Kate Upton on Blast: Disgusting Cow, Ugly Piggie

This isn’t fashion, she shouldn’t be a model, voices online are saying

Kate Upton, one of the latest Sports Illustrated cover girls, is also one of the most controversial models of the day: a self-styled catwalk queen, she is far from the standard model, in that she weighs more. It is precisely this what's wrong with her.

Those who are familiar with the thinspiration movement must already know of Skinny Gossip, a site which claims to be different from the rest by not being pro-anorexia and not advocating self-harm.

Being skinny is beautiful and, at the same time, a choice one makes every single day, its founder says.

In the case of Kate Upton, who is curvy (and was even curvier a short while ago), it's clear that she didn't choose skinny and beautiful.

Using older photos from a swimwear show and from her Carl Jr. burger ad, the website argues that Kate is a cow, a greedy piggie who has no place in the fashion industry, in a piece called “Kate Upton Is Well-Marbled.”

As if that wasn't enough, she's also vulgar, cheap and tacky, which, again, would rather recommend her for a job as a glamor girl in the pages of a men's magazine, than for one as a model for big fashion houses.

“It’s the lovely Kate Upton, confidently lumbering up a runway like there’s a buffet at the end of it. […] And I still ask: what the heck? Has fashion become this? Well – we know it hasn’t, so let’s not pretend this is fashion. She looks thick, vulgar – and she is a solid 30 lbs [13.6 kg] too heavy for this outfit,” the post says.

As for photos of Kate eating a burger in the ad for the aforementioned fast food restaurant, the blogger writes that the model could be in a lot of trouble because, to her knowledge, “cannibalism was illegal.”

“Huge thighs, NO waist, big fat floppy [breasts], terrible body definition – she looks like a squishy brick. Is this what American women are 'striving' for now? The lazy, lardy look? Have we really gotten so fat in this country that Kate is the best we can aim for? Sorry, but: eww!” the blogger writes.

“The poor girl is 19, but looks like a rough 30. She’s 150+ lbs [68+ kg], but dresses like she’s 115 [52]. This girl belongs deep in the gutter of American commercialism – so don’t get any crazy ideas about her being a fashion model, OK?” the blogger goes on to say.

As expected, her readers agree with her: Kate does have an odd body and she could stand to lose some weight. She is definitely not catwalk model material, far from it, they say.

Elsewhere though, people are taking Kate's side, saying fashion could stand to use healthy-looking girls like her instead of the stick-thin models so in vogue.

Some even say out loud what the others must also be thinking: “I wish I could be this 'thick and vulgar'!”

Kate herself did not allow herself to be dragged into this conversation.

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