Thief Returns Rings 15 Years Later, Leaves Letter

The robber went through the trouble of tracking down the family he or she stole from

A thief tracked down a family to return 4 gold rings he had stolen from them years ago. He also left an apology letter with the rings. The note is posted above, and you can read the entire note by clicking on the image.

The thief does not leave his identity, but he or she does leave a clue about who they might be. The mystery robber attended a party at the owner's home once. The letter is signed “a dumb kid who wants to right a wrong.”

The Riphagens held the rings dear, as they were all family heirloom. According to HuffPost, one of them belongs to the mother, and was a present from the father for when their first child was born. Another is Mr. Riphagen's wedding ring, while the remaining two belonged to their grandparents.

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