Thief Bursts into Tears During Robbery, Victim Hands Him a Paper Towel

A man tries to rob a gas station but has a change of heart along the way

Possibly the worst thief in the world has been caught on camera at a gas station. This poor attempt at a theft is so embarrassing, it probably leaves career criminals chuckling.

This video was uploaded to YouTube by appworld7, who doesn't give us much context into the robbery. Somewhere in Germany, a man walks into a station and pulls a knife on the attendant, demanding the contents of the cash register.

The shopkeeper isn't too impressed, and pulls out a baseball bat from a back room. He retaliates, attacking the robber with it, while trying to avoid a stabbing.

What happens next is priceless, as the robber loses courage halfway and, as he is getting a beating, bursts into tears. I can assume a moment of lucidity prompted an emotional outburst.

The victim of the robbery actually stops hitting him and appears to be hugging him, even handing him a paper towel.

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