Thief 4 Will Include New Elements Besides Stealth, Developer Says

Eidos Montreal is confident that Thief 4 will appeal to more players

After surprising gamers with the very impressive Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Eidos Montreal has now started talking about its other big project, Thief 4, which will bring lots of “new stuff” in terms of gameplay, according to the studio.

Eidos Montreal has already proven that it can revive a classic franchise with Human Revolution, which added besides the classic stealth options seen in its predecessors, all sorts of action elements.

With Thief 4, the Canadian studio has an even trickier road ahead of it than with Deus Ex, but its General Manager, Stephane D’Astous, is confident that Eidos Montreal, together with the array of other developers owned by Square Enix, will deliver a great experience.

“We have more international staff working on Thief, which brings a great flavor to the game. There are a lot of challenges to bringing back a great cult IP, but we consider it like a new IP and we are going to respect the spirit of the franchise like we did with Deus Ex,” the Eidos Montreal boss told OXM.

“Deus Ex was the kick-start of this new series of great games, and Thief will be part of that. We don’t want to deliver the same each time. Our mandate is to bring new stuff to the table; games that we’ll be talking about for years,” he added.

While Thief 4 will no doubt focus heavily on stealth and moving through the shadows, unseen by your targets, it seems that Eidos Montreal wants to make the game accessible to a wider range of players, just like it did with Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

While Garrett, the protagonist of the Thief series, may not have the augmentations of Human Revolution’s Adam Jensen, it’s quite possible that he’ll see an increase in his combat abilities to make sure he and the player survive when failing stealthy infiltrations.

As of yet, however, no other details are known about Thief 4, so let’s hope Eidos Montreal will share more things with fans in the near future.

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