These Cat Toys Are Solar-Powered

Of all the odd things this week, these take the cake

I've seen solar power used for lots of things, and even said, repeatedly, that I can envision a time when everything will run on it.

Now I can bask in the glow of a very clear piece of evidence that solar energy harvesting technologies are ready to become a commodity.

Long story short, Hammacher Schlemmer have posted a solar-powered cat toy.

That's right, all you need is a large enough window for light to seep through and you don't need to worry about your cat being bored around the house ever again. Or at least that's the main hope.

To use the toy, one needs to simply stick the suction cup to the window. From there, the device will independently animate the dangling plastic ball and feathers.

To get one (and thus get your feline off your back for a while), you'll need to pay $40 / 31 EUR.


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