Thermaltake Level 10 GTS Case Goes Snow White

The mid-tower cases have design elements stemming from BMW's DesignWorks

Thermaltake isn't one to shirk its duties, even so close to Christmas, which is why it has launched two new products, although one might argue that it's really just one product under different colors.

The Level 10 case is an old dog, so to speak, but the Level 10 GTS is quite different from its forebear, not just a dog that learned new tricks.

The design is a bit more understated, for one, although the 3.5-inch drive trays still have that “wave” pattern on the case exterior.

The Level 10 GTS is one of two desktop enclosures released by the company. The other is called Level 10 GTS Snow Edition.

As people have no doubt guessed by now, the latter is the former but with a white paint job. Only the mesh coverings on the four 5.25-inch drive bays are left black.

Speaking of which, Level 10 GTS has 4 EasySwap PitStop HDD bays, a tool-free drive locking system for storage units, a large transparent side-window and a 200mm blue LED fan on the front.

The blue light is actually the only part of the cases that isn't colored black or white, not counting the internal blue pads on the ODD bays.

There are other features of course, like extra fans, space for 315mm graphics cards (12.40 inches) and the necessary indentations, holes and fixtures for CPU water coolers.

The most unusual element, though, is the HotSwap Function with QuickLink and FaceCloud. It might not look like it, but the Level 10 GTS (and, by extension, Level 10 GTS Snow Edition) allows for the removal of HDD trays, which can be plugged into the QuickLink box and accessed through the QuickLink USB 3.0 adapter. Useful when transferring files to another PC.

As for FaceCloud, it lets the PC act as a NAS device when needed (network-attached storage).

Thermaltake didn't give prices, but it did set up the product pages of the Level 10 GTS and Level 10 GTS Snow Edition.


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