Thermaltake Chaser A41 Released for Mid-Sized Desktops

It is a sort of big sibling to the Chaser A31 launched earlier this month (February 2013)

Since the Chinese Lunar New Year holidays have passed, the IT industry has gone back to normal, which is to say companies aren't silent and inactive anymore. Thermaltake has just launched a new product.

Thermaltake is actually picking up where it left off just before the New Year week started. Having launched the Chaser A31, the company is revealing the A41.

A mid-tower enclosure, it measures 495 x 252 x 511 mm (19.5 x 9.9 x 20.1 inches) and has four 5.25-inch drive bays, one 3.5-inch external bay, and five 3.5-inch internal bays.

The 3.5-inch ones can be used for 2.5-inch drives. While there was a time when 2.5-inch storage nits needed special accommodations, today's cases usually have built-in or bundled brackets for smaller storage units, usually SSDs (solid-state drives).

Thermaltake also added a transparent side window, several fans (120 mm and 200 mm), with or without LEDs, and a black coating (both inside and outside).

Overall, the company did all it could to charm gamers, and anyone else who feels their PC chassis should both work and look good.

Convenience was taken into account as well. Since desktop cases are usually kept in special compartments of desks, near the ground, it isn't very handy to have to band all the way down to plug flash drives or headphones in.

That is why the I/O panel is set at the top, along with a special tray on which mobile phones, mp3 players, digital cameras and other gadgets can be placed.

Thermaltake will start shipping the Chaser A41, like the A31, at some point next month (March 2013). Unfortunately, no price has been disclosed, though the product page of the case is live. There are two really, for the black and snow variants. The color is the only differing feature.


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