Thermalright Reveals Pitch-Black CPU Cooler, Hands It Out for Free

The company is hosting a giveaway but didn't provide many details

By on December 18th, 2012 15:43 GMT

One would think that a cooler maker would actually detail a product when suddenly putting it up for a giveaway, but Thermalright didn't do anything of the sort.

While it did mention the name (AXP-100) and set up the necessary photo on its website, it didn't say much.

In fact, the giveaway is actually a contest to see who gets closest to guessing its features.

From the renders and photos, one can distinguish black-coated aluminum fins (ceramic coating, possibly), matte-black heatpipes (six, 8mm thick), a black copper base and a c-type heatsink.

The gold+black TY-140 fan is the only certain asset, so to speak.

Somehow, Thermalright made the low-profile AX-100 Black Stealth Edition compatible with all existing CPU sockets.

Go here to answer the quiz. The winner, or winners, of the prize(s) will be decided on December 29.