There's a Small Chance That Demonoid Will Be Resurrected, but It Will Take a While

There's some hope of seeing Demonoid live again, but it's not much

Demonoid was wiped from the face of the planet last month in a swift operation directed by IFPI via the Interpol. The site's servers, in Ukraine, were raided and shut down, the site's owners and admins were arrested in Mexico.

While there were some rumors that it wasn't all lost, it sounded more like wishful thinking. But these rumors aren't going away, if anything they're intensifying.

Whether that's because there remains a huge Demonoid fanbase that doesn't really have an alternative to the popular BitTorrent tracker/indexed, or whether there's really something there remains to be seen.

While the site is unavailable as it has been for the past weeks, there are some signs of life. The site's domain records were updated and they now point to rather than

Remember that the domains were actually up for sale at one point. In fact, while two domains were removed, is still listed as being for sale on

Despite this, TorrentFreak got in touch with the site's tech admin who said the change was needed to get the mail servers going again. He also argued that the site may eventually be going back up, but that doing so is not on the agenda for now.

Still, he didn't rule out the possibility, saying that he hopes to relaunch the site, but that it may take a while to do it. It's not much, but there's hope that Demonoid may yet make a reappearance, where there was no such hope before.

It wouldn't be the first time Demonoid would come back from its grave. It was dark for six months back in 2007, but eventually came back online and stayed up until a month ago.

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