There Will Be Few AMOLED TVs Sold in the Next 2 Years

Analysts believe that AMOLED will progress even slower than OLED

AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) is a type of OLED that, while popular in phones, has proven hard to implement in larger things, like TVs.

With “normal” OLED panels having finally taken off, some people may think AMOLED will follow closely.

Not so, iSuppli analysts say (IHS). Even though AMOLED TVs were shown at CES 2013, in January, shipments of AMOLED TVs will be low in the coming years. In fact, in 2013, only 1,600 will sell, give or take.

On the other hand, iSuppli predicts a rather quick surge in sales for 2015 and the years after it.

More specifically, the AMOLED TV shipments will be of 1.7 million units in 2015.

Obviously, these forecasts may prove accurate or they might not. With manufacturing yields being what they are (low), white OLED screens may be used instead of AMOLD for longer than people may care to admit.

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