Theraflu Disowns Kanye West for “Theraflu”

Company says it's not paying Kanye any money for the song

The other day, Kanye West came out with a new song, in which he also admitted he had fallen in love with Kim Kardashian. Theraflu is now speaking out on the release, practically disowning it.

As we also reported at the time, the track is called “Theraflu” and is basically about how Kanye is so cool that his enemies will be needing the cold medicine after he's done with them.

In a statement to TMZ, Theraflu says it didn't pay the rapper a dime to use their name in the song.

“We in no way endorse or approve of the references or use of the image and likeness of Theraflu in this manner,” a company rep says.

While this might sound like a threat / warning that they're ready to take legal action against Kanye, Theraflu is probably just thinking of getting even more publicity.

“Theraflu is an over-the-counter product used to help relieve cold and flu symptoms that millions of consumers rely on,” the same statement reads.

Here is Kanye's song.

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