Thecus Launches Two Rack-Shaped NAS Devices

The devices are meant for heavy storage applications and businesses

While gigabyte is catering to the needs of home and small office networks, Thecus is introducing network-attached storage devices more suited for higher-demand scenarios.

The two NAS units are called N12000PRO, and N16000PRO and, as the links indicate, have their own product pages already set up.

As the newest members of the PRO series, they have 12 and 16 bays, respectively, and use quad-core 3.4 GHz Xeon E3-1275 central processing units.

They also have 8GB of DDR3 RAM (each) and support for RAID configurations, the addition of external USB drives and eSATA.

As for software, the ThecusOS 5.0 technology can define one rack as master device and add extra devices via a 10 Gb Ethernet switch (eight target devices can be intertwined for a massive volume of multi TB).

Prices will depend on business customers’ ability to negotiate deals.


Thecus N12000PRO and N16000PRO (2 Images)

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